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What game would you love to experience again as if it was the first time you played it?

Oh wow, I have to choose? I think my very first complex game: Impossible Mission for the C64, back in 1984.

How did you first hear about this game and what did you expect from it?

From a friend (very easy to copy games to a floppy back in the 80’s). He said the game was very complex, which I really liked because up to then most C64 games were platformers or slow-paced adventures. This one had a simple storyline (you’re a spy trapped by your nemesis in a subterranean facility made out of dozens of rooms with killer robots and computer terminals where you’d find clues to escape) and so I looked forward to spend hours puzzling around and avoid getting killed (too much).

How did you get it and for which game system/console was it?

I got a copy from a friend, for the Commodore 64.

Where & with whom did you play it? Who else would you’ve liked to play it with if you could pick anybody and why?

At home, mostly alone. It is a single-player game and so there was not much for a second player to do, except help with puzzling the pieces about, but my sisters weren’t interested in that. Sometimes my friend would come by and help but because he had already beaten the game I rather try it out on my own.

What was your first impression when playing? What was your second?

My first impression was positive and frustrating. It was complex, but much more than I expected and the puzzling part was not always easy. After a few hours I’d save and quit just to get a mental break. I never really finished it and I dropped it for other games after a few weeks (very typical when you had a C64 and a plethora of free games to choose from) and so my second impression was very nostalgic ‘coz it was years later that I found the old computer, got it working again and picked up on the old titles.

What did you do the moment you finished it? If you haven’t finished it, are you planning to finish it?

I happened to buy a C64-Direct-to-TV for 10 bucks at the Wibra some years ago, mostly because this game was on it (together with other favourites of mine) so yes, I’m still hoping to finish it.

If you could add one level to this game, what kind of level would it be?

I don’t really know... more than a level perhaps a Co-Op variant.

What would you tell an alien unknown to video games about your experience with this game?

Ahaha, that’s like explaining it to your parents back then (completely alien to gaming). I would describe my experience as very engaging both physically and mentally. I have to look carefully and react fast in order to survive the levels, have a proper view of the entire map so I know where I have been and where not and I have to puzzle pieces about in both form, pattern, orientation and colour in order to solve the different pieces that make the whole. So, challenging would be a good word to describe it.

Did anything change for you after you played this game, if yes, what changed? If no, why has nothing changed?

Yes, I realised that a truly engaging game consisted of different layers of content and types of interaction. After that I found simple games utterly boring and pointless, a complete waste of time. I got kinda snobby about games I guess.

Anything else I should know about this game that is a bloody shame I didn’t ask?

You should experience it so see if you can get a C64 emulator and give it a go. Here’s a longplay video of it: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivHFP3dJAkM

Raul Martinez-Orozco, Rotterdam, The Netherlands,

23 October 2017

Impossible Mission -- Epyx -- 1984