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What game would you love to experience again as if it was the first time you played it?

Monkey Island 2

How did you first hear about this game and what did you expect from it?

I played the first Monkey Island game and I knew it would be a huge step forward in graphics, music and story.

How did you get it and for which game system/console was it?

I bought it in a video game store, it was for an old fashioned PC-286 (if I remember well..).

Where & with whom did you play it? Who else would you’ve liked to play it with if you could pick anybody and why?

I loved adventure graphic games. I usually played them with my twin brother… two brains are better than one! :D

What was your first impression when playing? What was your second?

We’re speaking of 30 years ago… anyway… I was so impressed by the music and graphics at first sight (and ears ..). Playing it was so much fun that my brother and I found ourselves laughing at the video screen many many times.

The game offered some difficult riddles and your brains and attention were required to solve some of them.

What did you do the moment you finished it? If you haven’t finished it, are you planning to finish it?

Satisfaction but also a bit of sadness.. some great moments were gone.

If you could add one level to this game, what kind of level would it be?

In the case of a graphic adventure it would be great to have more chapters of the story…

What would you tell an alien unknown to video games about your experience with this game?

That kind of video games (point and click adventure games) don’t exist anymore today. Anyway I’ll advise him to give them a try: they offered a great time and were also helpful to develop mental & sensible skills.

Did anything change for you after you played this game, if yes, what changed? If no, why has nothing changed?

Now, being in my 40s, maybe it’s silly to think this. I reckon I thought I’d be cool and a better guy! Bringing the story to an end wasn’t easy and there was no Internet to help you with riddles. If you were able to complete the story, it was really a great achievement. :D

Anything else I should know about this game that is a bloody shame I didn’t ask?

Probably a question… “how can I find a way to play this game nowadays?” … The Monkey Island series is an experience you can’t miss!

Giuseppe Grammatico, Italy, 10 October 2017

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge -- LucasArts -- 1991